Rear End / Gears

moser rear

Get the Power to the ground reliably by replacing your weak 10 bolt with a Strong reliable 9 Inch or 12 Bolt from Moser Engineering. Got an IRS car such as a GTO, CTS-V, Corvette or 5th generation Camaro? Replace those weak halfshafts with some 1000 hp shafts from G Force or the Driveshaft Shop, and Eliminate wheelhop all at the same time! Go one step further and replace the center section of your IRS car with a 9 inch and never worry about getting a rollback ride home from the track again!

ring and pinion

Get the most out of your setup by Upgrading your stock rear end gears with a performance ratio gear set from Richmond, Yukon, AAM, Motive, Standard, and many others! We have all of the necessary tooling to make sure your new gears are as quiet as possible! We also have the specialty GM tools to install gears in C4, C5, and C6 corvettes and Z06 Corvettes! Contact us for pricing and schedule your install today! Blazing High Performance 2013