Cam / Heads

gto cam

Unlock the full power potential of your engine by replacing your factory camshaft with a custom Blazing High Performance grind, or any of the popular off the shelf grinds. The camshaft is the brain of the engine. The valve timing events and amount of lift can alter the personality of the engine. Some camshafts offer impressive 'peak' horsepower numbers, but sacrifice horsepower 'under the curve', and can make street driving the car less than enjoyable. We have the experience to pick out a camshaft that will give you the performance and manners to fit your needs, and we offer complete installation of Camshafts and supporting components like springs, gaskets, and seals.


Want a little more power than just a performance camshaft can offer? Take the big power leap with a set of High Performance heads! We are dealers for manufacturers such as PRC, Airflow Research, Trick Flow, all the way up to All Pro Cylinder Heads! Let us find a combination to fit your Horsepower goals and your budget! Going with a power adder such as Nitrous, a turbo, or supercharger? Upgrade your installation with ARP head studs, and Cometic head gaskets to keep the top end sealed up no matter what you throw at it! Contact us today for package pricing! Blazing High Performance 2013